Smoke Test & Re-lining

CSI Sweeps smoke pressure testing;

Here at CSI Sweeps, we can undertake smoke pressure tests, this involves 2 people at your property, 1 within the room & 1 on the roof, together we trap smoke within flue, to search for leaks both internally and externally, we will record any failures, so we can show you/point out any issues that needs resolving.
When a flue fails externally, sometimes this can be rectified by some chimney stack remedial works, or sometimes it means the flue needs re-lining, below is a list of re-lining system offered by team CSI.

Cambridge Stove Installations LTD undertake all forms of flue linings;

We use two grades of multi fuel double skinned stainless steel liners for our installations:

316/316 stainless steel flexible liner with up to a 20 year manufacture warranty

904/904 stainless steel flexible liner with up to a 35 year manufacture warranty

Other flue options available

When professionally installed by our knowledgeable approved engineers you can ensure that this chimney lining method will provide you with a reliable and guaranteed lining system, that is signed off under Building Regulations through Hetas and Gas Safe.

With our knowledge we can provide accurate professional assessment of your flue way, ensuring that the largest possible flue lining size is achieved, aiding your desired working fireplace opening, this will help to give better efficiency & you can rest assured your doing your bit to cut your carbon footprint.

Our first-rate flexible chimney liners are installed for wood burning stoves, multifuel stoves, open solid fuel fires, boiler flues and large gas fires.

We at Cambridge Stove Installations remove clay liners before re lining your flue, as this is best practice, please make sure when having your flue relined if choosing another company you ask if they are removing the clay liner.

We offer full CCTV surveys from only £60.00, where you can hold the portable screen & view, or we can record/take photos of CCTV for you.

Here at Cambridge Stove Installations we are one of 2 local Cambridgeshire companies offering the exceptional Eldest flue, sometimes the only flue option available for your needs.

This exceptional flue has a guarantee of 25 years & even greater life expectancy of 50+ years.

It can withstand all fuels well, is installed within 1 day & does not reduce much size of your original flue.

The Eldfast flue option, is commonly chosen when a customer requires an open fire, but knows there current masonry flue has mortar gaps & will leak & in some cases has failed a smoke pressure test miserably. We often get asked if we can use of a flexible flue liner, however they very rarely fit through the existing masonry flue, due to tight bends and there being very little space and even if you did manage to scraped it through, by the time it was at the other end of the flue, it would have been damaged on its way up or down, so in this case the most popular choice is the Eldfast flues.

The link at the bottom of the page shows exactly how it works & everything you need to know, below are some key facts.

Some key Eldfast Flue facts;

  • 25 Year Guarantee
  • Guaranteed even after chimney fire
  • Wholly ceramic – non corrosive
  • Preserves cross section of the flue
  • Suitable for all flue types.
  • 50-60 year life expectancy
  • Improve chimney up draught
  • Provide structural support to chimney