Stoves Vs Open Fire

Open Fireplace;

While the traditionalist may well love an open fire, there really isn’t to many positive things going for it, if any I’m afraid.
You won’t get the heat output or efficiency you would from a closed appliance (stove).
Open fires are far more difficult to control, when compared to a closed appliance.

The only key thing that an open fire gives you is the romance of an open fire, to hear it cracking before your eyes and watch it burn, it can be beautiful, should you wish to go down this route, then we would strongly recommend a Jetmaster open fire, these are far more efficient then a traditional open fire and much more controllable.

While the facts above are clear to see, we still appreciate some people love a good old open fire, so we still cater for these people needs, offering various open fire options, from a basic grate, victorian insert’s to the more efficient/modern Jetmaster open fires.

Modern Stove

There are numerous reasons you might want a stove including;

* Saving money – Particularly if you use oil heating and have a cheap or free source of wood.

* Increased efficiency – If you already use an open fire a stove would be far more efficient,up to around 80% efficient compared to around 20% for an open fire.

* You can burn far less fuel for the same amount of heat.

* Aesthetics – A stove can be an excellent centerpiece for a room, its not unusual for owners to find themselves watching the flames rather than tv.

* Cutting your carbon foot print – Burning wood from renewable resources and replacing other fuels like coal, gas or oil will help cut carbon footprint.

* Value – In the last few years property programs have shown how Stoves/Fireplaces are an excellent selling point for  home, in some cases adding significant value.

Help achieve a better SAP rating –

Recent changes to Document L have changed the role of the wood burning stove and they can now be used by new build developers to help achieve a better SAP rating. In addition to this, the recent focus towards energy efficiency and carbon footprints (not to mention the increasing costs of energy bills) make the addition of a wood burning stove extremely appealing to potential buyers, potentially adding value to your new build home as well & just an added general appeal.
Stove manufacturers are now specifically developing products to work in low energy houses.